Fairbanks Alaska Sled Dog Tour Rides


(Per Person)



Today, you can enjoy & explore the backcountry with man’s best friend!
A quick and scenery-packed ride gets you where dog teams and drivers await. You can stand on the sled runners and drive the dog team yourself, or sit in the sled’s “basket” and gain an appreciation for the strength of the athletic dog team.
Picture yourself behind a line of expertly trained and energetic sled dogs, flying through the forest. Dreams become reality as this experience gets you to join these dogs in action and experience mushing firsthand! This is an Alaska sled dog adventure, that is fun for the entire family!
You will get a chance to interact and play with the dogs. The drop off base is
known as the Musher’s meet and greet and is the tour staging area where you get to meet the Mushers and hear their epic stories of racing and mushing across Alaska. Each has a unique history and connection with their dog mushing teams and you will see the bond shared between athlete and trainer when you get out on the trail.
The trails are tons of fun, lined by the massive and impressive spruce and birch trees that make up the Alaska landscape. Feel free to use your camera and capture your favorite moments as you ride behind the team. Don’t forget to take some time to cuddle the puppies, or ask any questions about this unique Alaskan historical sport!

  • passenger minimum numbers may apply to all tours, tour maybe cancelled at anytime due to lack of participants, unsafe travel conditions, acts of god, acts of war or other reasons unknown prior to tour departure.
  • Due to the nature of the business & weather permitting all tour sales are final, no refunds, no exceptions.


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