Chasing Lady Aurora Borealis (goddess of the midnight dawn) Northern Lights chaser tour


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Your ultimate arctic Alaska Aurora viewing adventures and experiences start here! Experience this mysterious & magical northern lights event under the Aurora Oval which Fairbanks, Alaska is geographically famous for. Here you will be able to witness breath taking opportunities unique to the Fairbanks, Alaska area. Peak viewing season is in the dead of winter, when the arctic winds blow and the cold winter skies are crisp & clear. Greatland Taxi and Tours Service has opportunities to view the Aurora in late fall August 20th through early spring April. Fairbanks, Alaska is a world reknown city for its spectacularly amazing and breath-taking photogenic opportunities of the Northern Lights. Greatland Taxi and Tours Service invites you to explore the last frontier and come together with other potential Aurora viewers from Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs, Denali National Park people from all over the world hoping to grasp their opportunity in viewing the northern lights and chasing Lady Aurora as she mysteriously, magically and gracefully dances across the brisk midnight sky. Join us now for an untold adventure is awaiting in the glimpse of an eye. Personal and group tours are available. You can expect views of the Alaska Pipeline and perhaps some wildlife! 10:00 pm we will be starting with complimentary pick up to include 2:00 am RT transportation to your local Fairbanks hotel, Hostile or B &B.

  • passenger minimum numbers may apply to all tours, tour maybe cancelled at anytime due to lack of participants, unsafe travel conditions, acts of god, acts of war or other reasons unknown prior to tour departure.
  • Due to the nature of the business & weather permitting all tour sales are final, no refunds, no exceptions.


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