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Gates of Arctic (Coldfoot And Wiseman)

Journey up the famed Ice Road Truckers Dalton Highway and into an ecosytem where people have lived with and off the land for thousands of years. Wild rivers meander through glacier-carved valleys, caribou migrate along ice-age-old trails, endless summer days fade into an aurora-lit night sky of winter and cold. Virtually unchanged except by the forces of nature. Many people seek this remote wilderness and find solitude here. Catch a glimpse of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd. Grizzly, black bear, wolf, moose, Dall's sheep, wolverine, muskox, lynx, fox and many others also live here. Gates of the Arctic tour goes above and beyondthe Arctic Circle which provides visitors with opportunities for solitude and challenging wilderness adventures within a remote and vast arctic landscape. With a 12,000-year record of human cultural adaptations to high latitude mountain environments an unbroken tradition of living off the land still exists today. Although it may seem untouched, you are not the first one to travel here.

Explore the Arctic of Alaska!!

  • Visit the Continental Divide
  • Rich Heritage
  • Extrodinary views
  • Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
  • Overnight in a quaint mining village or stay over night along the Yukon River (this tour requires 2 over night stays)
  • Witness breath taking Aurora
  • visually stunning views
  • Wildlife Refuge
  • America's Last Frontier!!

Watching Wildlife Rules

  • look and listen
  • don't suprise an animal
  • Make noise if out walking
  • Never approach
  • Do not Run!!

Points of Interest

  • Hess Creek overlook (MP21)
  • Yukon River Bridge (MP56)
  • Finger Mountain (MP98)
  • Arctic Circle (MP115)
  • Gobblers Knob (MP132)
  • Grayling Lake (MP150)
  • Coldfoot (MP175)
  • Gates of the Arctic Visitors Center (MP175)
  • Wisman Village (MP189)
  • Sukakpak Mountain (MP203)
  • Connection Rock
  • Farthest North Spruce Tree (235MP)
  • Chandalar Shelf (MP237)
  • Atigun Pass(MP244)

Tips for Viewing Wildlife

  • be patient
  • scan and glass mountain slopes and river banks
  • stay inside the vehicle unless directed otherwise
  • animals are more active early morning and in the evening